SPE Live: Interoperability as a Key Factor to Better Drilling Automation [January 2023] Speaker: Eric Cayeux, Chief Scientist, NORCE. Drilling operations involve many different service providers, each addressing specific facets of the well construction process. In practice, the drilling organization, including the support from onshore operation centers, addresses the coordination of the various tasks executed by the multiple entities. Yet, the natural fragmentation of drilling operations into multiple services has slowed down the implementation of drilling automation solutions because computer systems from each involved party are traditionally not designed to exchange information with other systems.

Webinar Series: HOW CAN HUMAN FACTORS HELP WITH IMPLEMENTING AUTOMATION IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY [January 2023] The better the automated systems are, the lower the situation awareness of the human operators and the less likely that they will be able to take over manual control when needed. This is one of the ironies of automation. At the same time, automated systems are rapidly growing in popularity in the oil and gas sector due to their many advantages, from reducing mistakes to improving efficiency. However, as the science from situation awareness has found, these systems introduce new challenges and risks.

INTEGRATING AN AUTOMATION PLATFORM WITH A RIG CONTROL SYSTEM [December 2022] Presenters discuss the process of installing a process automation platform on a 3rd party rig control system, some lessons learned, implementation challenges and early results from the integration.

Virtual Panel Discussion: “ACCELERATING AND SUSTAINING THE LEARNING CURVE THROUGH DIGITALIZATION AND AUTOMATION” [August 2019] – Rodrigo Gallo, Drilling Automation Implementation Manager, Schlumberger; Victor Figueroa, COO, Point Energy Partners Operating; Riaz Israel, BP with Linda Hsieh, Editor/Publisher, IADC/Drilling Contractor (moderator)

An Open Approach to Drilling Systems Automation  [March 2019] Hans-Uwe Brackel, Senior Systems Architect, Baker Hughes, a GE Company & Nick Morriss, New Product Commercialization Director, National Oilwell Varco


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