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IADC Drilling Contractor Drilling Rigs and Automation section offers access to many articles that describe the advances in DSA.

Rig trial of integrated MPD and automated well control technologies completed [April 2021] Following months of preparation by Weatherford, Safe Influx and Finesse Control Systems (which builds the Safe Influx equipment and develops the logic programming), a series of pre-agreed tests were successfully performed on Weatherford’s test rig in Houston, to demonstrate and verify the integration and functionality of both systems.

H&P President and CEO: Industry must embrace digitalization, automation to survive in the future [March 2021] In the current economic environment, he said, adoption of digital technologies will likely prove critical as companies along the oil and gas supply chain are forced to seek new ways to further improve efficiencies and lower costs.

To adopt automated drilling systems at scale, industry will need to overcome fragmentation, build trust [March 2021] The term “digital transformation” has long been a buzzword within the oil and gas industry. Only in recent years has that “buzz” finally started to translate into true change. And, now, automation discussions are pivoting toward how to implement those changes at scale.

Automated directional drilling gaining trust among industry users [March 2021] Innovations in software continue to enable better predictive capabilities, helping operators achieve repeatability and consistency in their wellbores

Ensign President/COO: Collaborative approach can incentivize investments in innovative automation [Sept 2020] In an era of low energy prices and reduced drilling activity, transitioning from mechanization to true automation will be vital to lowering well costs and creating profits.

Leveraging drillers as coaches helps to increase new technology uptake [May 2020] Ensign initiative trains high-performing drillers to help other drillers gain trust in new process automation features as they are rolled out to rigs.

As MPD grows in popularity, manufacturers evolve to meet contractor, operator demand [11 Mar 2020] Mark Mitchell, President of Oil and Gas at AFGlobal, discusses the pace of MPD evolution in the industry today, company expectations of the technology, and the role artificial intelligence may play in MPD development in the near future.

Focus on communication and process critical to helping drillers manage evolving risks amid increasing automation [25 Feb 2020] Drillers have seen an influx of automated equipment in recent years, and learning how to incorporate this automation onto the rig while maintaining a strong safety culture can be more of a challenge than it may appear on the surface.

Semantic Framework Aligns Real-Time Drilling-Management and Control Applications [1 February 2020] Real-time signals exchanged during drilling operations are in constant evolution, provided by multiple stakeholders that have distinct perspectives on the drilling process. To achieve improved drilling management and control, the seamless exchange of real-time drilling data, without the necessity of any human intervention to configure software applications, is desirable.

To incentivize digital projects, value gained must be shared [22 Jan 2020] As drilling contractors embark on the next step-change in drilling performance – which will likely come from the digital realm – they will be much more careful to not let their investments become commoditized.

Measuring Drilling Efficiency Through More Than Speed [6 Nov 2019] John Clegg of Weatherford advocates a more holistic approach to measuring drilling, efficiency, taking into account the quality of the wellbore.

IADC ART DCS Subcommittee to create rig sensor/instrument guidelines through new initiative The IADC ART Drilling Control Systems (DCS) Subcommittee has kicked off the Rig Sensor Stewardship initiative.

Pilot test for automated mud management leverages real-time monitoring, hydraulic modeling (29 Aug 2019) By Jan Ole Skogestad, Manuel Aghito, SINTEF Industry; Jelmer Braaksma and Jan Atle Andresen, Huisman; Jan Ove Brevik, Equinor; George Gibbs Smith, Intelligent Mud Solution

Proposed industry initiative aims to increase interoperability in well construction equipment. (29 Aug 2019). By Darryl Fett, Total E&P Research & Technology USA 50+ industry experts participated in April workshop and outlined vision for next steps; D-WIS group now working to identify priorities, set organizational strategy

NOVOS evolves, with new emphasis on extracting value through optimization (16 July 2019)Matt Jackson of NOV reports on the development of the NOVOS drilling automation platform

New drilling automation platform optimizes steering, aids real-time decisions (16 July 2019)Umut Zalluhoglu of Halliburton reports on a new drilling automation platform

As drilling automation advances, building in cybersecurity resilience must remain core considerations. [June 2019] Integration of industrial control systems (ICS), or operational technology (OT) systems, and information technology (IT) systems has enabled use of real-time data for drilling process control and management. As a result, previously isolated OT sub-systems, such as the drilling control sub-systems, have become susceptible to cyber-attacks, thereby requiring protection.

Transocean announces drilling automation of six floaters. [February 2019] Transocean has announced that it entered into an agreement with its customer, Equinor, to license and install automated drilling control (ADC) systems on four high-specification, harsh-environment rigs currently on contract in Norway and a fifth semisubmersible that is expected to commence operations in the Norwegian sea this summer.

Automation of directional drilling system with remote supervisory control allows mile-a-day wells to be achieved in Appalachian Basin. [August 2018] Drilling is a highly dynamic process. Interrelated wellsite systems; geologic conditions that can deviate from expectations; operational variables that require continual adjustments, such as weight-on-bit and rotating speed; and the time lag between near-bit sensors in the subsurface and drilling control systems at surface all make automating a drilling operation as challenging as automating space flight.



SUMITOMO Corporation Acquires a Stake in Sekal AS (27 July 2019)Sumitomo joins Equinor, Saudi Aramco, Norce and others as shareholders in Sekal AS, whose primary products are DrillTronics (automated drilling control systems) and DrillScene (remote monitoring software).

Transocean Ltd. Announces Drilling Automation of Six Floaters (18 Feb 2019)Transocean announces automated drilling control systems on 6 of its NS rigs, using technologies from MHWirth, NOV and Sekal AS