Drilling Machines and Equipment

Drilling Machines and Equipment

Functional Description

Drilling machines and equipment refers to both surface and downhole systems. On the surface, the rig system includes power generation, rotary drive (top drive or rotary table), hoisting and pipe handling, and the fluids system, which includes the circulating pumps, fluids preparation and treatment and solids control. Downhole, the primary system is the bottom hole assembly (BHA). Collectively, these machines and equipment provide the power and control to fracture and remove rock and to create a borehole in a desired trajectory.

Current State

The current state is described in the DSA Roadmap section. Mechanization and digitalization have been occurring progressively on both subsurface tools and surface machines. This development includes advancements in control systems which make automation possible. Mechanization and digitalization progress is an enabler of automation.

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