Montanuniversität Leoben

Montanuniversität Leoben

Department Petroleum Engineering (DPE):

As a modern learning environment, the Department Petroleum Engineering is equipped with the latest high-tech tools enabling global collaborative learning. Academic partnerships allow for enriching student exchanges, while tight co-operation with leading industrial partners turn DPE into a one-stop shop for research in petroleum engineering. In addition, a tight-knit community at university ensures a lifelong link of alumni to Leoben.

Key DSA Publications:

The complexity of drilling digitalization, a display of potential pitfalls during implementation, 2019.
Authors: Anton Lettner, Gerhard Thonhauser

Innovatives Trainingskonzept mittels Echtzeit-simulation des Bohrprozesses, 2019 (only in German language).
Authors: Anton Lettner, Gerhard Thonhauser, Richard Kucs

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Dipl.-Ing. Anton Lettner
Senior Lecturer
Drilling and Completion Engineering
[email protected]
+43 3842 402-3053



Drilling Digitalization Lab – a Unique Solution for the Challenges of Tomorrow
The objective is to implement and research digital technology and software that allows contractors, operators, and service companies to be fit for the digital transformation of their businesses and to perform the operations safely and efficiently. Therefore we provide realistic drilling operations training and a monitoring environment for event detection, root cause identification, and predictive analytics. These competences are expanded by innovation management and digital transformation frameworks. Highly sophisticated drilling simulators in combination with small scale test rigs allow the development of tailor-made solutions for the challenges of the drilling industry. Additionally, the collaboration space generates the perfect environment for knowledge exchange amongst different domains and to develop disruptive ideas.

Well Integrity Platform (WIP):
Our state of the art cementing lab in combination with 30+ years of expert knowledge allow us to view every aspect on well integrity challenges in the drilling industry. The objective of this initiative is to build an independent international research and education platform that will focus on well integrity problems and solutions. The WIP aims to bring together global operators, service providers, manufacturers, universities and technology providers with distinctive and complementary skills to contribute toward and benefit from the solutions developed. The strength of the platform lies in its independence and its ability to draw on the experience of personnel that have successfully worked in the industry to provide real-world solutions. WIP is proud of  having highly motivated professionals, students and staff drawn from across the globe.

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