FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are intended to answer commonly posed questions about DSA (Drilling Systems Automation).

Drilling Systems Automation – what is it?

Drilling systems automation is the application of advanced control and algorithm programs that manage many aspects of drilling operations. These range from the programmed start up of rig mud circulation pumps to the closed loop systems in downhole rotary steerable tools.

How to define Drilling Systems Automation?

Automation encapsulates Mechanization and Digitalization.
• Automation is about enhancing human expertise with technology that makes them more efficient and valuable.
• Automation is an interactive digital extension of human capabilities. See the LOAT

What is DSABOK?

A global portal linked to all things on drilling augmentation as an easy access to information and knowledge.

Why is it relevant to drilling?

Drilling (system) automation is a fast-moving new technology application that is being implemented by drilling contractors, service companies, operators and many specialist (small) support companies. Knowledge enables better decision making.

How do I input to DSABOK?

Go to contact us page and input your offering. We are open to any and all input.

Is DSABOK linked to SPE DSATS?

Yes: while it was launched as a stand-alone industry initiative to enable affiliation with multiple organizations (IADC, SPE, Energistics, OPC Foundation), it is linked to SPE DSATS through affiliation. We are also grateful that SPE DSATS is one of our sponsors.

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