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Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering (MPGE):

MPGE is dedicated to preserving its history of excellence and advancements to the profession by preparing the next leaders of the energy sector through our industry-focused programming. Our students will be provided firm grounding in math and science, humanities, engineering principles along with advanced course work in drilling, reservoir, and production engineering. In addition, MPGE has been a premier research institution since its founding. The industry relies heavily on the expertise and innovation of our researchers and the impact their studies have on the industry and its operations.

Key DSA Publications:

Design, construction, and operation of an automated drilling rig for the DSATS university competition, 2015. Authors: V. Bavadiya, M. Aljubran, J. Kibe, S. Christy, H. Le, R. Ahmed, F. Florence

An extensive review of laboratory scaled experimental setups for studying drill string vibrations and the way forward, 2019. Authors: S. Srivastava, C.Teodoriu

Development of an Advanced Finite Element Model and Parametric Study to Evaluate Cement Sheath Barrier, 2019 Authors: H. Patel, S. Salehi

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The Well Construction Technology Center (WCTC)

The WCTC has been established to aid the oil and gas industry in solving well-bore problems and conducting research projects. Using advanced technology and both field and lab-scale equipment, the research carried out focuses on drilling automation, drillstring mechanics, wellbore cleanout, drilling fluids and wellbore hydraulics, wellbore integrity, lost circulation and wellbore strengthening, and corrosion of tubular. WCTC provides the industry with the development and implementation of innovative technology that will improve the efficiency and economic viability of drilling, completion, and production operations. In addition to the research projects, the Center offers unique opportunities for the industry to perform various research and development projects. Several research projects supported by service companies, major oil companies, and government agencies have been successfully completed at the Center.

Drilling Simulator Center (DSC)

DSC consists of two drilling simulation systems: DrillSim 50 and NOV cyber-chair-based simulator. Furthermore, the center is linked to our Drilling Dynamics Center that consists of two axial, torsional and lateral vibrations test setups. The Drill Sim 50 simulator is connected to a computer that runs the simulation software. A touch screen display is used to graphically represent the hoisting of the drill string and other rig floor operations in real-time. The touch-screen display can also take user input for tasks which are not performed on the rig floor e.g. changing mud weight. All together the human-machine interface for this simulator is mixed of downscaled hardware such as BOP remote, choke control and driller brake combined with a multifunctional touch screen for more detailed interactions.  The simulator is based on a mathematical model to simulate surface and downhole operations.

The National Oilwell Varco (NOV) drilling simulator is an industrial standard simulation tool used to create unique virtual experiences that allow students to safely apply their academic knowledge to real-life scenarios and build further skills that enhance their learning in the safety of a controlled environment. The simulator is built along with NOV’s expertise in generating virtual environments in which to train their drilling operations personnel for procedures on rigs; 3D animation, a cyber chair and unique source code for hydraulics and other drilling processes are part of the simulation.


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