Charter for

Official Designation

The Drilling Systems Automation Body of Knowledge (DSABOK™) is hereby established as an independent organization run by a Program Manager and supported by volunteers. This organization has no official registration or designation. The DSABOK™ content is steered by a volunteer Steering Committee.


The scope & purpose of the DSABOK™ website is to provide a portal for connectivity to knowledge on Drilling Systems Automation (DSA) either though links to other publications / websites or through direct publication on the DSABOK™ website


The DSABOK™ will affiliate with multiple organizations which share knowledge on DSA to ensure legitimate links to their knowledge, offer to publish their knowledge and to invite them to participate on the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall approve all affiliations on behalf of the DSABOK™.

Operating Guidelines

The DSABOK website is governed by a Steering Committee who operate on a majority vote. The steering committee shall meet quarterly (virtually) to review the website status and plans for the next quarter. The main functions of this Steering Committee are to:

  1. Review and approve the DSABOK™ website structure
  2. Review and approve new affiliations to the DSABOK™
  3. Review and approve types of publications on the DSABOK™ website
  4. Steer and guide the overall content and linkages on the DSABOK™ website particularly with regard to equality of opportunity to share information

Membership and Organization

The Program Manager is the President of DE WARDT AND COMPANY, John de Wardt (2018 – ) until superseded either through resignation or unanimous vote by the Steering Committee to terminate this position. The Steering Committee will be composed of respected industry leaders with a track record of accomplishing and completing tasks involving contributors from different companies and backgrounds. The Steering Committee shall be comprised of experts representing the various segments that are active in DSA as well as each Affiliate to the DSABOK.

The initial Steering Committee was formed by the Program Manager from representatives on the DSA-R Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will decide by majority vote new additions to the Steering Committee as well as terminations of positions on the Steering Committee.


The DSABOK is a spin off from the DSA Roadmap Industry initiative (DSA-R). The DSA-R became an IADC DEC approved JIP for both round 1 and round 2 funding. The DSA-R JIP funds and DE WARDT AND COMPANY funds paid for the launch of this DSABOK™. The DASBOK™ will continue to seek funding to cover web hosting, web developer support, Program Manager to manage the program including posting content on the website and any other associated costs with maintaining a high calibre website. Funders will be rewarded by listing them as sponsors.

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