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OnePetro is the site that publishes many industry papers including all the SPE papers (conference and peer-reviewed). This section is only links to some of these papers, OnePetro offers the full papers for a fee – membership and non membership rates. Many industry organizations (companies and non-profits) have paid corporate fees that enable employees to access OnePetro papers at no charge.

Recent Papers

Practical Challenges to Consider for Model-Based Engineering in Drilling Automation SPE-217752 2024

Managed Temperature Drilling: An Automated Real-Time Controller for Downhole Temperature Control in Geothermal and HPHT Wells SPE-217747 2024

The Value of Process and Application Consistency in Drilling Automation SPE-217751 2024

Automated Pump Startup: A Collaborative Approach Towards Drilling Systems Automation SPE-217746 2024

Interoperability for Drilling Process Automation SPE-217748 2024

Taxonomy Describing Levels of Autonomous Drilling Systems: Incorporating Complexity, Uncertainty, Sparse Data, With Human Interaction SPE-217754 2024

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Automatic Drilling Optimization Using an Integrated Reward Function SPE-217733 2024

The New Era of Deep-Water Drilling Through Integrated Automation Technologies: A Gulf of Mexico Case Study SPE-217940 2024

Real-Time Automated Pore Pressure and Wellbore Stability Updates in a Digital Twin, Using Smart Agents and Log Predictions Ahead of Bit, Example from Norwegian Continental Shelf SPE-217740 2024

A Journey Through the Development of Drilling Fluids Automation System SPE-217739 2024

Improving Weight-On-Bit and Differential Pressure Measurements with Connection Automation Systems and Pattern Recognition SPE-217724 2024

Drilling Advisory Automation with Digital Twin and AI Technologies SPE-217960 2024

Advancement in Autonomous Directional Drilling for Curve and Tangent SPE-217945 2024

Cloud-To-Driller’s HMI Closed-Loop Drilling Automation: Field Test Results with Machine Learning ROP Optimizer SPE-217693 2024

Recovery Control – Closing the Loop in Automated Control Systems SPE-217685 2024

Evolution of Downhole Automation from Push-The-Bit to Point-The-Bit Rotary Steerable Systems SPE-217683 2024

Directional Drilling with Scaled RSS and Virtual Well Control SPE-217689 2024

Fit for Purpose Process Automation Drives Consistent Performance in an Operator’s West Texas Drilling Program. SPE-217672 2024

How a Bayesian Approach Can Overcome Noisy Data and Interpretation Ambiguity in Automated Geosteering, SPE 212544, 2023

A General Framework to Describe Drilling Process States, SPE 212537, 2023

Downhole Trajectory Automation of RSS Tools: Autonomous Drilling Becomes Reality, SPE 212519, 2023

Towards the Correct Interpretation of Real-Time Signals on the Well-Site, SPE 212509, 2023

Autonomous Directional Drilling Simulator Development for the Drillbotics 2021-2022 Virtual Competition, SPE 212507, 2023

Transient Modeling of Tripping Operations Enables Closed-Loop Limit Control of Tripping Processes to Reduce ILT While Maintaining Wellbore Safety, SPE 212513, 2023

Stringer Detection and Drilling System Significantly Reduces the Invisible Lost Time (ILT) Caused by Reaming, SPE 212557, 2023

Introducing Automated Advisory and Control Applications to a North Sea Jack-Up, Technology, Human-Centric Challenges and Resulting Performance Improvements at Scale, SPE 212463, 2023

Case Study of the World’s First Offshore Implementation of a Drilling Automation Platform with Multiple Closed-Loop Applications, SPE 212468, 2023

Cuttings Return Analysis by Visual Imaging: Novel Technology to Support Drilling Automation, SPE 212441, 2023

Connecting Multilayer Semantic Networks to Data Lakes: The Representation of Data Uncertainty and Quality, SPE 208754, 2022

History, Disruptors and Future of Changing Well Construction Business Models, SPE 208776, 2022

Digitalized Operation Procedures Provide Rig Automation System with Context to Manage Longer and Broader Sequences of Activities, SPE 208767, 2022

Building and Deploying an Open Plug-and-Play Solution for Supervisory Well Construction Automation, SPE 208686, 2022

Field Validation of an Automated Geosteering Algorithm in the Haynesville Shale, SPE 208697, 2022

Best Practices to Improve Accurate Time Stamping of Data at the Well Site, SPE 208732, 2022

Reducing Human Error Through Automatic Kick Detection, Space Out and Dynamic Well Monitoring, SPE 208784, 2022

Advancing Influx Detection Toward Automated Well Control, SPE 208750, 2022

Automated Well Control Versus Traditional Well Control: A Human Error Comparison Process, SPE 208786, 2022

An Ensemble-Based Solution for Automating Drilling Engineering: Application to Directional Surveying, SPE 208791, 2022

Model Predictive Control for Automated Drilling Fluid Maintenance, SPE 208769, 2022

Automated Mud Check with an AI-Enhanced Automated Mud Skid: Results of a Long-Term Permian Field Trial, SPE 208718, 2022

Successful Execution of a Dynamic Driller’s Roadmap Using an Automated Formation Top Detection Algorithm, SPE 208772, 2022

A Better Set of Eyes: Computer Vision Technology to Monitor Safety Zones and Automate Drill Pipe Tally, SPE 208764, 2022

Autonomous Directional Drilling Using the RSS Simulator for the Drillbotics 2020-2021 Virtual Competition, SPE 208774, 2022

A Comparison of Automated and Advisory Generator Management Systems, SPE 208762, 2022

Fully Automated Directional Drilling is Now a Reality – An Example from the Norwegian Continental Shelf, SPE-204016-MS, 2021

A Hybrid Test Environment for Verification of Drilling Automation Systems, SPE-204064-MS, 2021

Drilling Advisory for Automatic Drilling Control, SPE-204074-MS, 2021

A Technical Approach to Safe Mode Management for a Smooth Transition from Automatic to Manual Drilling, SPE-204114-MS, 2021

Directional Drilling Automation Using a Laboratory-Scale Drilling Rig: SPE University Competition, SPE-199640-PA, 2021

Large-Scale Deployment of a Closed-Loop Drilling Optimization System: Implementation and Field Results, SPE-199601-PA, 2021

Automatic Drilling Fluids Monitoring, SPE-204041-MS, 2021

Determining Rig State from Computer Vision Analytics, SPE-204086-MS, 2021

Verification and Validation of Sensors and Systems Using Systems Engineering Methods, SPE 199589, 2020

Large-Scale Deployment of a Closed-Loop Drilling Optimization System: Implementation and Field Results, SPE 199601, 2020

Intelligent Pipe-Handling: A Case Study for Automation, SPE 199552, 2020

Results from the Introduction of a Well Construction System, SPE-199608, 2020

Directional Drilling Automation Using a Lab-Scale Drilling Rig: SPE University Competition, SPE 199640, 2020

An Approach to Autonomous Drilling, SPE 199637, 2020

Advisory System for Drilling: Automatic Procedures Acting on Real-time Data, SPE 199657, 2020

Directional Drilling Automation: Human Factors and Automated Decision-Making, SPE 199556, 2020

Achieving Automated Directional Drilling Across USA Onshore Basins, SPE 199605, 2020

Downhole Attitude-Hold Controller Leads to Automatic Steering of Directional Wells with Improved Accuracy and Reduced Tortuosity, SPE 199555, 2020

Automated Trajectory Drilling for Rotary Steerable Systems, SPE 199647, 2020

Automated Geosteering with Fault Detection and Multi-Solution Tracking, SPE 199660, 2020

Step Changing Safety and Efficiency Gains by Fast Rig Moves, Automated Sequences and Data Processing, SPE 199597, 2020

Automated Surface Measurements of Drilling Fluid Properties: Field Application in the Permian Basin. URTEC-2019-964-MS 2019

Development and Application of a Real-Time Drilling State Classification Algorithm with Machine Learning. URTEC-2019-253-MS  2019

Digital Well Planning, Well Construction and Life Cycle Well Integrity: The Role of Digital Experience. SPE-195628-MS  2019

Automatic Slip Status and Stand Detection in Real-Time Drilling. OTC-29372-MS 2019

Acoustic Telemetry Network Provides Real-Time Downhole Data Transmission During Drilling, Cementing and Completion Installation for Use in Depleted Reservoirs and During Managed Pressure Operations. SPE-194541-MS 2019

An Automated Trajectory Control for Drilling Operations. SPE-194727-MS 2019

Smart Wired Pipe: Drilling Field Trials. SPE-194095-MS 2019

Automatic Control of Mud Pumps, Draw-Works and Top-Drive on a Floater. SPE-194123-MS 2019

Design and Implementation of a Miniature Autonomous Drilling Rig for Drillbotics 2018. SPE-194226-MS  2019

Steering Advisory System for Mud Motors. SPE-194077-MS 2019

Performance Impact of Downhole Data from Wired Drill Pipe and Downhole Sensors. SPE-194093-MS 2019

Creating Open Source Models, Test Cases, and Data for Oilfield Drilling Challenges.SPE-194082-MS  2019

Automatic Identification of Procedural Adherence in Well Construction-Operations. SPE-194068-MS  2019

Using an Advanced Digital Twin to Improve Downhole Pressure Control. SPE-194088-MS  2019

Toward Seamless Interoperability Between Real-Time Drilling Management and Control Applications.SPE-194110-MS  2019

Technology Focus: Drilling Systems Automation and Management (February 2019). SPE-0219-0061-JPT 2019Automating Directional Drilling: Technology Adoption Staircase Mapping Levels of Human Interaction. SPE-191408-MS  2019

Drilling Automated Realtime Monitoring Using Digital Twin. SPE-192807-MS  2018

An Open Approach to Drilling Systems Automation. SPE-191939-MS 2018

A Real-Time Interactive Drill-Off Test Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for DSATS Drilling Automation University Competition. SPE-185730-MS. 2017

Systems Architecture and Operations States for Drilling and Completion: The Foundation to Real Performance Measurement and Drilling Systems Automation SPE-178814-MS  2016

Human Systems Integration: Key Enabler for Improved Driller Performance and Successful Automation Application. SPE-178841-MS  2016

Data Ownership for Drilling Automation – Managing the Impact. SPE-178787-MS 2016

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap – The Means to Accelerate Adoption. SPE-173010-MS 2015

A Framework for Transparency in Drilling Mechanics and Dynamics Measurements. SPE-174874-MS 2015

Older Papers – Worth Reading

Drilling-Systems Automation: Current State, Initiatives, and Potential Impact. SPE-166263-PA. 2013

Well Construction Automation–Preparing for the Big Jump Foreword. SPE-163146-MS 2012


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