Fully autonomous drilling at scale inches closer to reality, but challenges remain (June 2022) Nabors Industries has been at the forefront of automated drilling systems in recent years, with the company deploying, among other things, a fully automated land rig featuring its SmartROS operating system. In a presentation at the IADC World Drilling 2022 Conference in Paris, Ram Murthi, the company’s Senior Manager of Controls and Automation, said these initiatives have been a part of Nabors’ pathway to enabling fully autonomous drilling at scale.

D-WIS group makes progress on interface, data models (June 2022) An industry initiative to enable open and interoperable communication among key components and systems used in oil and gas well construction has seen notable progress in recent months, according to Mark Carrier, Principal Engineer at Real Time Innovations.

Toward Autonomous Operations (June 2022) Integrated Operations, Remote Operations, Collaborative Operations and now we have Autonomous Operations! What do these terms really mean and are they interlinked in some way?

Technological disruptors could lead to a rethinking of the well construction business model (March 2022) Today’s drilling environment is ripe for significant changes in the well construction business model, and drilling contractors should consider pushing for contracting models that help them better realize the value generated by their technology investments, said John de Wardt, President of De Wardt and Company.

Automated predictive frac control system taps operator’s machine-learning model to improve completion execution (March 2022)     Hess, Halliburton partner on Bakken pilot pairing automation with a predictive model to optimize for new surface efficiencies

IADC ART DCS Subcommittee to create rig sensor/instrument guidelines through new initiative [6 Nov 2019] The IADC ART Drilling Control Systems (DCS) Subcommittee has kicked off the Rig Sensor Stewardship initiative, which aims to formulate guidelines to ensure sensor and instrument performance.

Data Interoperability Workshop brings together experts to pave path for seamless data exchange. In April 2019, more than 50 industry experts gathered at a Data Interoperability Workshop, held at IADC’s Houston headquarters, to discuss issues and barriers delaying the implementation of interoperable systems used to share measurements and control data.

New drilling automation platform optimizes steering, aids real-time decisions. A new drilling automation platform is aiding experts to make real-time drilling decisions to enable more accurate well placement, good borehole quality, optimum rate of penetration and consistency.

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap Release. 2019. Presentation to the IADC DEC on the release of the DSA Roadmap.

DSA Roadmap report presented at IADC workshop. The Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap (DSA Roadmap) underwent its first full industry review in a workshop held 17-18 January 2018 in Houston.

Drilling automation workshop features leading mining innovators. 2013

Human Factors in Automation An SPE webinar (requires login) recorded 2015. Amanda DiFiore.Why include human factors engineering in the design of automated rigs? On the surface it seems like a reasonable question. Why would we need to consider the needs of human operators if they are to be replaced by drilling systems automation technology.

Drilling Automation and OPC UA; Clinton Chapman, Schlumberger / DSATS Deputy Chairman, ARC World Industry Forum 2013