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Hildebrand Department Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Energy plays a key role in our everyday lives – from our smartphones to our cars to our houses it raises our standard of living. Through teamwork and an innovator’s mindset, petroleum engineers fuel the world. Using mathematics, physics, and geology, petroleum engineers are able to address and solve important issues that will lead to energy security and thus are in high demand.

Petroleum engineering overlaps with many of the engineering disciplines, such as: mechanical, chemical, and civil engineering.

Key DSA Publications:

Karimi Vajargah, A., Sullivan, G., & Oort, E. van. (2016, September 14). Automated Fluid Rheology and ECD Management. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/180331-MS

Pournazari, P., Ashok, P., & van Oort, E. (2015, October). Modeling and Control of Automated Pipe Hoisting in Oil and Gas Well Construction. In ASME 2015 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (pp. V002T20A004-V002T20A004). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Karimi Vajargah, A., & van Oort, E. (2015, March 17). Automated Drilling Fluid Rheology Characterization with Downhole Pressure Sensor Data. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/173085-MS

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Dr. Eric van Oort 
B. J. Lancaster Professorship in Petroleum Engineering
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Rapid Drilling Research Consortium

RAPID is a research consortium group led by researchers from multiple engineering disciplines whose objective is to deliver automation solutions for any and every aspect of well construction. The goal is to reduce the drilling/completion time/cost and the number of individuals at the rig site by >50%.

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