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John de Wardt

Program Manager

Founder and Program Manager of the Drilling Systems Automation Body of Knowledge (DSABOK) industry initiative.

Steering Committee

  • Alfred Eustes (Colorado School of Mines)
  • Amanda DiFiore (Charles River Analytics)
  • John Macpherson (BHGE / SPE DSATS)
  • Linda Hsieh, IADC
  • Mark Anderson (Anderson and Spilman)
  • Moray Laing (Halliburton / SPE DSATS)
  • Robin Macmillan (NOV)
  • Ross Philo, Energitics

Global Team

Creative Director

Input open to every expert across the industry.

Drilling Systems Automation Body of Knowledge (DSABOK™) is a website devoted to informing and publishing information on Drilling Systems Automation (DSA) either directly or though linking to other well established websites.

This website is managed by the DSABOK Program Manager (John de Wardt). All of the content is approved by the DSABOK Steering Committee. The DSABOK Steering Committee acts in accordance with the DSABOK Charter.

The information is organized under navigation tabs by source, type of publication and new material.

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