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Department Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

“We develop energy sources and look at the environment at the same time, rather than do something and look at the impact later on.” –Dr. Anil Mehrotra, Interim Head

The Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering hosts state of the art facilities for research in thermal recovery, nanoscale fabrication and process control. Our chemical engineers are taking us into the future – making significant contributions in microelectronics, energy conversion and storage, nanomaterials and composites, automation, biotechnology and beyond. Oil and gas engineers are developing new solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of the global energy sector. Together with industry, they are developing a better understanding of underground reservoirs, and recovering petroleum in a safer, more economical and environmentally sustainable way.

Key DSA Publications:

Aarsnes, Ulf, Meglio Di Florent, and Roman J. Shor. “Avoiding Stick Slip Vibrations in Drilling through Startup Trajectory Design.” Journal of Process Control 70. 2018: 24–35.

Cayeux, Eric, Roman Shor, Adrian Ambrus, Parham Pournazari, Pradeepkumar Ashok, and Oort van Eric. “From Shallow Horizontal Drilling to ERD Wells: How Scale Affects Drillability and the Management of Drilling Incidents.” Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 160. 2018: 91–105.

Aarsnes, Ulf, Florent Di Meglio, and Roman J. Shor. “Benchmarking of Industrial Stick-Slip Mitigation Controllers,” 233–38. Denmark: IFAC PapersOnline, 2018.

Okoli, Prince, Juan Cruz Vega and Roman J. Shor. “Estimating Downhole Vibration via Machine Learning Techniques Using Only Surface Drilling Parameters.” SPE Western Regional Meeting, 2019.

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Integrated Research Drilling Laboratory

The objective of the integrated Drilling Research Laboratory (iDRL) is to provide cutting edge collaborative and interdisciplinary research in the drilling domain to improve drilling performance, enhance subsequent production and reduce costs.

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