Intellicess, along with its partner Tatsoft, has developed a Rig Based Drilling Advisory / Automation Platform. This platform is open source, and is built on a SCADA software that is control system agnostic. This platform enables students, entrepreneurs, the open source modeling community and data scientists to easily take their ideas to the field. Intellicess system link.

Contact: G.R. Underwood, [email protected]



Nabors has embarked on a three tier Drilling Automation Strategy:  Advisory Automation, Process Automation and Machine Automation. Advisory Automation integrates customers’ well programs and best practices with Nabors’ rig activities. Process Automation integrates service company activities with the Nabors control system to optimize the drilling process. These processes include wellbore placement, geosteering, down-linking to downhole tools, managed pressure drilling, and casing running. Nabors system link.

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NOV has developed an automated drilling system as a new product line. This system utilizes a reflexive system over the rig controls to apply various automated procedures for drilling operations. The system permits the implementation of applications for drilling process control developed by clients and third parties. The system also has the capability to integrate with real time downhole date transmitted to surface by wired drill pipe. NOV system link.

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